Windows 10 IPv6

Allow ICMPv6 Ping Reply

Windows unfortunately blocks certain ICMPv6 packets by default. This becomes a nuisance when troubleshooting and testing IPv6 networking from a Windows system.

Step-by-step Instructions

Permit ICMPv6 in Windows 10

Open Start / Run then type: wf.msc

Press Enter or click OK to open a Microsoft Management Console with the Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in

From the Firewall settings select Inbound Rules and click New Ruleā€¦ On the Rule Type page, select Custom and click Next >

Select All programs and click Next >

Change Protocol type to ICMPv6 then click Next >

Protocol and Ports - ICMPv6

Leave the Scope unchanged and click Next > (Default scope is Any IP address)

Ensure Allow the connection is selected then click Next >

Select your required profiles and click Next >

Enter a name, we went with Permit All ICMPv6 and click Finish

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